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Massage  for Face, Jaw and Mouth Pain

Do you have a chronically tight jaw? Do you grind your teeth or clench your jaw? Do you have headaches, facial pain, or a "toothache" that won’t go away, no matter what kind of work you have done? Massage for TMJ and face pain releases tight muscles of the face, neck and jaw to release pressure on the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ), as well as face and throat muscles that can exert pressure directly on the teeth themselves. As some of the major muscles of the face and jaw are best accessed from inside the mouth, this massage may include intra-oral work, in which case a glove will be used. I also work on adjacent areas, like the neck, shoulders and upper back. Massage can be an excellent way to ease jaw pain!

If you are considering treating jaw pain with massage, I highly recommend that you do so over a few weeks’ time. Start with three 60 minute sessions, spaced one week apart, and then assess your progress from there. Most people notice a big difference!

This massage treatment can be a full session devoted to the head, neck and shoulders, or be incorporated into a full body Deep Tissue Massage or CranioSacral Session.


 The New York Times:
The Best Treatment for TMJ may be Nothing





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