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Wellness Consultations

During a Wellness Consultation an inventory is taken of extenuating life circumstance that could be contributing to or causing pain felt in the body. Factors from the physical, emotional, spiritual and heart centered plane are examined. Often just having a chance to talk about these issues begins to shift the energy and a release can begin. Once the information is gathered we can together look to ways to begin to shift old patterns of behavior and add in lifestyle alterations such as dietary changes, relaxation techniques, holistic therapies, supplementation and hands on bodywork to move towards well being. Wellness consultations can be scheduled as a course of treatment with check in periods every few weeks to go over how treatment is unfolding and to note if reevaluation is necessary.

Wellness Consultations are a vital tool to everyone’s overall health care as they dig to the root of the pain causing issue. Once the root is exposed we can get rid of the weeds that are inhibiting growth. After one Wellness Consultation many people report specific pain related issues that were giving them trouble before the session feel better. This was with no hands on work yet. Just the simple process of talking about these things starts the process of change.


Upledger CranioSacral Certified
California Massage Therapy Council



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